About Jeetendra Brahmkhatri

“Imagine if you could memorize everything just by looking at it once and never forget“

Sounds like a dream???? But no longer? You actually have that power to have a sharp memory. Yes you heard that right. You can memorize tons of stuff at a time precisely and never forget.
So, what is stopping you?? You yourself! Yes. When you say you can’t do it, this is the time when you ruin everything yourself. You need to believe in your own power. You need to desire to achieve something. And when you are on this page then you have already taken the first step towards improving your memory.

Secret of memory is just few clicks away

Hello everyone, I am Jeetendra Bhramakhatri, a world famous memory coach, motivational speaker and Founder and CEO Of young brains. The potency of human brain has intrigued me a lot and ever since I have dedicated a part of my life, researching and learning about the potency of human mind. I have been awarded and recognized by famous platforms and have provided various talks on the immense power of human brain And now,i am here to pass on my legacy. I My Memory training service is carefully designed to help the stressed students to go beyond the harmful effects of anxiety and earn success in life.

Power over stress

Stress is a slow poison. Nowadays, Students have become a part of the rat race where they are running after good grades and success. More than often, students become stressed in this inhumane rat race. They suffer from anxiety, lack of confidence, and insecurities. Also, parents often impose pressure on students regarding studies. I teach how can one bid goodbye to stress and focus on positivity.
My memory training service assures 10 times faster functions of your memory. It helps you to learn things in a faster and smarter way. The courses of my memory training service are provided online so that you can get easy access to these useful courses. The price of these courses is affordable enough.

Core Philosophy & Belief

In the smart era, our education system still uses the conventional methods that are as old, and as ineffective. He believes in the philosophy that learning method should also evolve with time and the recalling techniques, which he developed, surely improve the grade of students and concentration regardless of the subjects.


Owing to his hands-on rich experience and expertise in professional domains, he understands the students’ basic memory-related problems and finds the solutions to their problems. He has proven success stories of helping students of all ages and improves their memory power.


Positive Thinking, Counselling, Memory Techniques, Self-development, Motivation, Life Skills, Mind Power Techniques, Positive memory Parenting, Teachers Training, Child psychology, Time and stress management, Personal engineering, DMIT Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence test and many more.

If you have been searching for the best ways of coping and developing your children, Mr. Jeetendra is the ideal person to help you. He makes students fall in love with learning again. Reach out and ask him how he can serve you in your or your child’s learning journey.

Feedback & Reviews

Jeetendra Bhramakhatri Excels when it comes to memory training. He has created a unique approach of installing positive belief in his students that makes them memory masters very fast.

I used to score very bad during my exams due to my bad memory but after this course I scored an A++ in my Test. All thanks to Jeeten Sir’s memory training.


Bhavya Wadher

Remembering history Facts has become very easy for me and it is making my college experience a breeze



Deep Lalwani

I can now remember long chapters just after a glance. Now I have got too much confidence for my board examination.




Aaryan Jadav